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Drawings contain no pattern information. They are sketches of the style that snap onto your body outline for virtual try-ons.


A sloper is not necessary for Fitography, but it is a good 1st Fitography garment to check your body outline and see how Fitography patterns will fit you. We also offer it to help correct other companies’ patterns or to draft your own. Because it uses Fitography® technology, fit will be close to perfect on the 1st try. Can be fit symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Knee length, but adjustable a few inches up or down. Jewel neckline. CF seam. Bust, hip and elbow clearly marked. Back bodice shoulder and waist darts. Front bodice side bust and waist darts. Skirt front and back automatically adjusts for 0 to 2 darts each panel, depending on your figure.

FABRICS: Gingham or muslin.

Current Version*: Dress_Sloper_Pattern_00 / Dress_Sloper_Drawing_00
*All of our dress patterns and sewing guides have been updated as of 9/13/20. Pattern versions were re-started at _00. (Previous versions only had 1 digit.)

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