Fitography® Pattern Fitter Software

Fitography® Pattern Fitter Software

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Your purchase of the Pattern Fitter software will earn you 30 Pattern Points that can be redeemed for $30 worth of free patterns. (Points won't be available until after you complete the Pattern Fitter transaction.)

Be sure to add the USER GUIDE: Click here to download the User Guide which includes software installation directions and all other necessary instructions.

The Fitography® Pattern Fitter software allows you to create your body outline, try on styles for free and purchase customized Fitography patterns that fit you perfectly.


Pattern Fitter System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows 10*, Windows 8*, Windows 7, Windows Vista**, Windows XP** - 1GB RAM

* Pattern Fitter is designed for desktops or laptops that meet the indicated system requirements. At the present time Windows RT technology for use on tablets is not supported.

** Pattern Fitter should run on XP and Vista platforms; however, these platforms are no longer being officially supported.

Recommended: Your experience with Pattern Fitter will be greatly enhanced with a newer generation, higher speed CPU, 4+ GB RAM, and larger display resolution and graphics support.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Nancy G.
Amazing Fitography Software and Successful Sloper

I learned about Fitography patterns from Pattern Review (, and I was very interested in trying this system. I have been pleased with the software, the patterns it generates, and the customer service.

After taking my required photos and attempting to trace my outline by myself in the software, I reached out to the company to have my outline traced for me. I received it pretty quickly and I feel this was a good investment!

I then purchased the sloper pattern and made it up in muslin. The sewing instructions were clear and well illustrated. I was amazed at how well the finished sloper fit me and how much it looked like the drawing of the garment that had been generated for me (see photos).

I am impressed with the thoroughness and quality of the Pattern Fitter User Guide, the supporting YouTube videos, and the software itself. I encourage you to try this system. I feel this is the way I need to make my garments from now on. It's a game changer. I am on my way to making the Logan shirt and the Lilly pants, confident that the finished garments will fit me. Customer service is amazing, and the couple of times I have had to reach out to Carol for help, she has gotten back to me very quickly with solutions that work.

Rachel T.
Love this software & service!

I bought this software after years of frustration with fitting. It had gotten to the point that I just didn't feel like sewing, having to go through multiple muslins every time was killing the fun. This software has definitely reinvigorated my interest in sewing. There is a learning curve, but for me it was a fun technical challenge. I learn by doing and I'm not always the best reader of instructions so I had to retake my photos a few times because of not reading properly - e.g. keep your arm out of the way in the side-view shots. Once I'd played with it once, though, I understood the reason for the requirements better and was able to get past those hurdles quickly. I found it super fun to make my outline and it was actually a nice tour of my body and its actual shape! Once again, playing with the software helped make the reasons for various instructions clearer to me. I found that the instructions are all good and useful and there are reasons behind them all, even if they're not clear to you to start with (I'm one of those people who always has to know the reason *why*...) I ended up enjoying this so much I found myself online late at night investigating learning more CAD software!
Beyond the software itself, Carol's support is fantastic! I sent her a lot of emails (sadly, often because I'd ignored an instruction or missed it) and she was able to help easily and her communication was great. She was always patient, gracious and encouraging. What was really amazing was how fast she got back to me: always somewhere between the time it took me to take a shower to the time it took to make dinner. And this was on an Easter weekend! This really helped to keep me on track and able to complete my outline pretty quickly. She's also been great troubleshooting some issues with my outline that I only discovered once I'd started applying the patterns to it. A few things I learned: set your outline waist where you want your waistband to sit. My elastic was riding up above my tummy and, combined with a sway back, this meant I ended up with patterns with a much higher front waistband. Redoing it to make the waistline straight has improved my patterns a lot (and they still fit beautifully in this area). Similarly, I had to go back in and reset my ankle height - I'd set it way too high for some reason. This is why it's really important to save multiple copies of your outline before you finalize it in step 6 - otherwise you need to redo the outline.
I really have nothing negative to say about this software. It was absolutely worth the cost in money and time to get set up on it and it has totally rekindled my joy in sewing. Being able to get a pattern so close to perfect fit right off the bat is just fantastic! I actually threw more money at this than the cost of software - because I only had a Mac computer, I spent $300 (a freelancing check) on a cheap HP laptop. I use this exclusively for Fitography and it has handled it perfectly - so you don't need an expensive machine to get this to work well. I figured I could have easily spent that much money on any of the alternatives I was considering to get some better fitting patterns, and I've found it was well worth it. If you're considering something similar, my advice is: dive in!

Very good application

I wondered a lot as to whether I should buy this application or use AutoCAD or adobe. I didn’t want to learn to use neither and what helped me to decide on this are the reviews that I read from other users. Plus you can beat the price! I have other application like patternmaker USA but I like that I can use photo to get my pattern size. I have a Mac and although it’s not built for the MacOS system I simply use the bootcamp application that comes with my Mac and install windows on that partition and then install fitography.

I used to sew many years ago for people now I can again! Thanks!

Great product, running successfully on MacBook Air

I was very excited to learn about Sew Fitography, then initially disappointed that there wasn't a Mac version. Since I use Parallels (Windows RTE for Mac) for a few other applications, I decided to try to get it running anyway. I'm happy to report that it's a complete success! I have the software up and running, and I've made several garments which fit me perfectly! I do have a few tips if you are interested in using it on a Mac as I am:
1. Be sure to start Parallels then Sew Fitography - if I tried to start it by clicking on my Mac icon like I do with Quicken, I had some issues, but once I sorted that out they went away.
2. Do your file handling (pictures, patterns, etc) through the Windows interface as much as you can. If I moved files with Finder through the Mac interface, sometimes they didn't appear, but as long as I used Windows Explorer, that problem went away.
I will say that I am a pretty technology minded person, and was already using Parallels for other reasons. If you don't feel confident loading an alternate RTE or switching between them, this may not be the solution for you. However, if you are already confident/familiar with how this tools work, go for it! You will not be disappointed!

Tracy Beavers

I've looked at this software of and on for a while. I've tried quite a few other software packages over the years and have been less than impressed. Given the price I thought that if I could just get a good printable fashion croquis I would be happy. Oh my not only did the croquis look great but the patterns are awesome. The app works great! I have a mac computer and my husband put VMware running Windows 10 on it. I've not had a single issue with the software. The croquis the software made really looked like me. It has been fun to "try" on clothes in the program. I used my 2 credits to purchase a Sophie shirt and Chloe pants pattern. The Chloe pants pattern fit amazing and looked really nice. I'm excited to be able to have patterns that fit me without lots and lots of muslins, fittings, and work.