These are the measurements requested for custom patterns by most custom pattern companies.


What parts of the garment will fit you absolutely perfectly using these measurements? Possibly none!


The vertical placement of your bust or waist could be much different than their base pattern and so even though your circumference would be correct, it could be in the wrong place on the garment.

Also, the horizontal placement might be different. Your bust might be less forward than their standard (a smaller bust) or your waist might be more sway backed than their standard which means your dart angles won't be correct.


When you create your body outline from photos and input your 7 measurements in the Fitography Pattern Fitter software, the image above shows just some of your measurements the program is able to define to automatically draft your pattern.


In addition to the program being able to find all the length and circumference measurements on your body, it uses an algorithm to determine all of your precise dart angles. There isn't any other system that accurately measures for dart angles except trial and error.



Most importantly though, Fitography doesn't stop at body measurements, it actually drafts the pattern by calculating garment measurements from the style drawing on your body outline, so the finished garment looks the same on your actual body as it does on your body outline.

With Fitography, there is no need to make an unflattering or ill fitting garment ever again!