Outline Service

Outline Service

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Not feeling technically comfortable with creating your body outline? Let us do it for you!

NOTE: This requires a purchase of the Fitography Pattern Fitter software


How It Works:

1) Download the User Guide and take your photos and measurements following pages 7-20.

2) Add the Pattern Fitter software to your cart (if you don't already own it).

3) Upload your photos in the spaces above (JPGs or PNGs).

4) Add the Outline Service to your cart and complete your purchase.

5) We will send you the download link to your body outline within 2 business days.

6) You work with the outline to try on styles and fit patterns just as you would if you created it yourself.

*This price only creates an outline for 1 person.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Excellent service

I am very happy with this new service!
I had done it myself before (with the same set of photos), but they were not as accurate as the new one I received from the Outline Service.
This new outline looks really much better.
I am going to test it with a top and can't wait to see the result.
Highly recommended!

Worth the money

I have used Fitography software for a while and have been delighted with both the accuracy of the fit and the responsiveness of the wonderful owner Carol. Sadly, having put on 20 pounds, I needed to redo my outline. This time I took advantage of the outline service and had a fully completed outline back in less than the promised 48 hours. I think it was well worth the money because the outline is something you only need to do once (unless your shape changes) so I don’t think you need to master it. You can then move straight to mastering the software for trying on patterns, choosing lengths and side seam positions etc, then printing patterns that will fit beautifully.

Priceless service

While the instructions for doing one's own outline are clear, and certainly looked doable, I decided to let the professional do it for me. I am happy I did. I received my outline file in about a day, and was off and running with the confidence to know it was done correctly. The price is definitely worth the quality of the outline files received. I believe it also helped when I had questions as they had my photos and outline so could give me detailed and accurate responses. Now that I have my outline files I can make adjusts in the future as needed. I am confident I will finally (after 60+ years) have the best option available for getting patterns that fit this body! This photo is just one of the views provided, from here I can 'try on' all of the SewFitography patterns to see what will look best on me. The effort to to do this will be far outweighed by the ease of making all future garments THAT FIT! (For best results be sure to carefully follow the instructions for taking your photographs. Trust the instructions, do what they say. It is not difficult, just do it. You'll be glad you did.) Thinking of the hundreds of hours and dollars I have spent through the years trying to get patterns to fit...this is the bargain of the century...and the best option I have ever tried. Thank you.

Totally worth the money - prompt, responsive, and accurate!

I used the outline service to move from my photos to my custom patterns, and I couldn't be more pleased! I was having trouble with outlining on my own because of an error with the pictures I had taken. Not only were my mistakes fixed, the outline was returned to me within 2 business days so I could get to sewing. Everything I have made from this outline has fit like a dream. If you are wondering if this is worth the money, I would definitely say yes! Like other reviewers have said, it got me up and running quickly with accurate fitting, which is the entire reason that I wanted to use this software.

Tracy Beavers
Worth every penny.

I have a very odd body shape after having had 7 children. Purchased patterns and ready to wear clothes just don't fit. I went ahead and purchased the outlining service thinking that they would know how to tweak the outline to make the best patterns. During that time I did the outlining on my own to see how close I came to the service and if it would be worth it to use the service to make outlines for my daughters. The answer is the service is worth every penny. The outline I did on my own was fine but took me several hours to complete. My sewing time is limited. I will definitely use the service in the future to make patterns for my daughters. With patterns that I'm confident that will fit from the get go I am looking forward to spending more time making neat clothing instead of making muslins, pattern adjustments, and fitting.