Will Fitography patterns fit you?

The whole concept behind Fitography is to automatically fit patterns to women who do not have model figures. In other words, the women who are hard to fit. I’ve had several customers with common fit issues ask if they are included in the 95% we can fit. The answer is absolutely! I’m sure I haven’t encountered every fit issue that’s possible, but so far there has only been one person who really couldn’t be helped by Fitography. She was similar to image F below.

There are no size limits and there are no shape limits either. Extreme curves, no curves, it is not a problem for Fitography. There are some limits though, which are explained below.



Yes, our patterns do fit your asymmetry. We can accommodate asymmetry that is visible in the front/back views such as different shoulder slopes, different waist or hip heights, different widths at the bust, waist or hips. Most people do have some right to left asymmetry, but if it is slight, you can choose to make your patterns symmetrical. We can fit normal asymmetry as in image A below, and even more extreme than that. But if a plum line from your CF neck down is too far off center, as in image B, then Fitography probably can’t help you. You can have us Photoshop your photos to straighten you out (for an extra fee), but you won’t get a full asymmetrical fit that accommodates you.

We cannot accommodated asymmetry found in the side views such as different bust heights as in image C. We cannot account for different butt cheek heights either. However, both of these issues can be fixed during the sewing stage by sewing the darts shorter or longer.


Bent figures:

Our patterns can fit aging figures as image D below. Even if you have a more rounded back as in figure E we can help. Our side seams are drawn vertically down from the center of your armhole and they are moveable. You can move them forward some at the armhole and at the waist so they remain in the center of your body (dashed line in E). If you cannot straighten through the hips as in image F, and the side seam falls too far forward, then Fitography will not fit you. You can have us straighten you in Photoshop (for a fee), but the patterns will not fit you bent.

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