Pant Pattern Update

A few days ago all our pant patterns received an update. Our previous pant patterns tended to exaggerate saddle bags, even if the wearer didn't actually have saddle bags:

We developed a better way to measure for circumferences at the hip and crotch level and this also opened up the body space. For example, the Alexa pant went from this:

To this:

We also found a much better way to draw the back rise curve as you can see above.

The other great news is that you can now choose your own waist height! Before, we relied on our different styles to offer different waist heights, but we found that everyone had their "sweet spot" as to where they wanted their waist placed. If you had a high waist, the default waist height would sit too high on you and if you had a low waist, the default height might be too low:


Now you can adjust the 'Top edge below Natural Waist' and this will place the top edge of the pants where you specify. On styles with waistbands, you can place the top edge 3/4" above your body outline waist marking. Non waistband styles you can use '0' to place the top edge at your waist marking. Use a negative number to place the top edge below your waist. You can place it up to 2" below on most styles, some jeans will allow you to place it 3" below. You can choose the height that looks and feels the best on you:

Check your darts and fly heights before sending the pattern to the 'Fabric/Paper Space'. Make sure your fly is not too short, which may happen if you have a low waist to begin with and make it lower. You may want to lengthen the bottom of the fly, choose to make a different kind of closure, or just raise the waist slightly. Make sure your darts don't get wonky, which may happen to a small percentage of you if you have a very low waist. If this happens you need to raise the waist:

We sent an email containing a link to the new patterns to everyone who owns our pants. You should also be able to log onto your account, find the order number and re-download the new pants. If this doesn't work, please email us at and we will send you the link.

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  • SewFitography on

    Great idea Alice! We may do this for a future update. Currently you can change the waist on your body outline to dip in front to achieve the same effect.

  • Alice Anne on

    Please allow different rises for front and back. I want my pants to sit on my waist in back and 1 inch below the waist in the front.

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