The Fitography Sleeve

We added 2 new features to all of our sleeves. We added Sleeve Wearing Ease; this was previously half the Bust Wearing Ease, but now we made it separate. We also added sleeve ease indicator dots so you can control the amount of cap ease. Both additions are explained below.   When Fitography drafts a sleeve pattern for you it measures for the following on the sleeve drawing placed on your body outline:           1.       Sleeve circumference at bottom of armhole (measures front and back separately) 2.       Sleeve cap height 3.       Sleeve upper cap width (measures...

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Across Chest and Back vs. the Bust Circumference

We recently revised all of our tops and dresses including our sloper. The information below explains why.   When I developed Fitography I first developed ways of measuring 3 dimensional bodies from 2 dimensional photos. I then found ways for measuring what is unable to be measured using a tape measure, like dart intakes for example. Lastly I needed to develop new drafting formulas to be able to plot these newly found measurements, and because the standard drafting procedures don’t work unless you are a standard, well-proportioned fit model.   One of the standard methods of drafting that I did...

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