Frequently Asked Questions

The Fitography System

Sizing and Fit

Why don't your patterns have sizes?

Is there a size limit on your patterns?

Can I use your patterns for a child?

Can I use your patterns for a man?

If my weight changes, do I need to change my photos and body outline?

My body is asymmetrical, can your system produce an asymmetrical pattern for me?

I have a really large bust, will your patterns still fit me?

Will your patterns be the right length for me?

I need more darts than the usual amount, can I add more darts using your system?

What fitting skills do I need to use your software?

Will I need to adjust the fit of your patterns?

Will your patterns require sewing a muslin?

Can I easily tweak your patterns for a better fit?

Do your patterns contain ease?

How do I change wearing ease?

How do I know how much wearing ease to add to your patterns?

I printed my pattern and I realized the bust circumference I input was too small. Should I reprint?


Will your patterns work without the software?

I installed the Pattern Fitter software and downloaded my free pattern. Why can't I see/print the pattern?

How do I get my free patterns?

I sew for myself and my ______ (daughter, sister, mother, friend), can I use Fitography patterns for both of us?

How many times can I download a pattern?

How many times can I use/print a pattern?

Can I send pattern files to a friend?

Do your patterns include seam allowance?

How wide is the seam allowance on your patterns?

What sewing skills do I need to use your patterns?

Do your patterns come with sewing instructions?

How often do you release new patterns?

How do I try on your styles before purchasing a pattern?

Do your patterns include finished garment measurements?

Do your patterns include yardages?

How do I print your patterns?

Can I print patterns in PDF?

Can I send your patterns to a service to print in large format?

What size paper can I print your patterns on?

Does your system work on other companies patterns?

How can I use your patterns if I have a Mac?


What are the free downloads?

Will anyone ever see my photos?

How many computers can I install the software on?

How do I know how to use the software?

What computer skills do I need to use the software?

I don’t have good computer skills, can I still use your software?

I changed computers, can I re-download the software?

Where do I get my serial number and activation key?

I lost my serial number and activation key, where can I find it.

What are the system requirements for your software?

Is your system available for Macs?


Are there any reviews of your system or patterns?

How can I review your patterns or software?

How do I earn discounts for reviewing your patterns or software?

Customer Service


What if I have problems using the software or patterns?

How do I find/download the sewing instructions?

I didn't receive an update link, how do I get the latest pattern?

I used up all my download allowances for a pattern or the software... help!


Is your website secure?

What forms of payment do you take?

How are patterns and software delivered?

Can you take my credit card number over the phone?

Can I pay with a check?